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The Best Place to Sell Diamonds           Get the Best Price Now

Get Cash for Your Diamonds at AD Gold Exchange - The Allentown Choice for Quick, Easy and Valuable Transactions

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AD Gold Exchange is a family-owned business that has been Allentown's trusted leader in selling diamonds for cash since 2010. Our fast, friendly service and commitment to giving the largest, highest prices have made us the best in the area. Experience the AD Gold Exchange difference today - get free, fast, and reliable service that you can trust.

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At AD Gold Exchange, we’re dedicated to providing our customers with a safe and secure way to sell diamonds and other precious metals. Our Allentown-based exchange offers a free evaluation service, so you can get a fair market price for your jewelry. Plus, we provide fast and hassle-free transactions - no appointment necessary.

We make sure you get the best price for your Diamonds and other Jewelry. So, if you’re looking to sell your d
iamond for cash in Allentown, come to AD Gold Exchange. We guarantee a great experience.

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